From A Rainy Afternoon In Munich

The altar of the Theatinerkirche. The interior is just as ornate as any overdone Rococo cathedral, but all in grey-white, as if it had been dipped into a giant can of paint.

In a passage between courtyards, a small monument to Mozart, who (it says here) composed his opera “Idomeneo” just a few steps away.

My dream car. What more could you want, to zip around country roads? And what a great color! Unfortunately not for sale — it’s in the Deutsches Museum.

The private beer steins of regular guests to the Hofbräuhaus, kept under lock and key on these steel racks. Competition for these highly prized status symbols is intense, according to the beer hall’s website. This place has served Mozart (who, interestingly, claimed to have written “Idomeneo” on the beers he was drinking here!), Lenin and of course Hitler (the teetotaler business was a crock to keep his image clean).

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2 Responses to From A Rainy Afternoon In Munich

  1. ellroon says:

    Omg! That car! But Fiat has come out with something just as small… and we’re seeing them tootling about the freeways in So Cal. It looks even smaller than the Smart Cars.

    The Rococo period always seems a bit … hysteric. If it stood still, it got decorated. And then the decorations got decorated…

  2. Marcellina says:

    Fiat 500s are cute! We’ve also seen a few Minis from what seems to be a “classic” line, in colors like ivory and eggshell blue – very retro feel.

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