Links Around The World

In America, a man in Atlanta has started a Super PAC (Political Action Committee) called Hall and Oates Fans For America, after the 1980s Philadelphia pop duo (Daryl Hall is a famous native son of my school district.)
[T]he Super PAC is working on Hall and Oates parody videos about Mitt Romney, the Republican presumptive nominee for president. [Founder] Hansmann, who says that he plans to vote for President Obama, points to a pair of Hall and Oates songs, “Out of Touch” and “Rich Girl,” as a good place to start.
“All those other Super PACs have those ridiculously ambiguous names that any American would stand for if they didn’t know what those PACs stand for.”

And speaking of PACS, a new app has come out which allows you to identify the source of some of those squirrely TV political ads. From Mashable:
Called “Super PAC App,” the app uses audio recognition technology to identify political advertisements. Then, it provides users with a wealth of information about the ad: What campaign or organization made it, how much it cost and how accurate the claims made in the ad actually are. It also lets users rate the ads with a variety of responses, including “love,” “fair,” “fishy” and “fail.” (h/t to The Impolitic)

In Dusseldorf, Germany, a 10,000-yr-old mammoth tusk was found in the earth, during subway construction work.

America needs follow Europe’s initiative about food waste, according to a report from the Natural Resources Defense Council. 40 % of all food produced — hello, that’s nearly half — in America ends up in landfills. Recommended reading.

And, just to cheer you up, this may have been around the internets a few times but it’s still good for a smile.

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