A Few Links Elsewhere

Because all I’ve done for the last week is pack books:

It’s All About Porridge: The Guardian offers a delightful article about new DNA research on Scots — they are, literally, true Citizens of the World.

BBC News offers a crash course on Ayn Rand. As for myself, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to read her name without thinking of the character Robbie in “Dirty Dancing”, the one who carried around with him a copy of “The Fountainhead”.

Dept. of How They See Us: Crazy, frankly, and chronically overfed on starches. Might be that these two things are related, eh? Courtesy of Spiegel Online, aptly subtitled “The End of Reason”.

A 70-yr-old German mountaineer who was rescued from a crevasse in the Tyrolean Alps is doing fine, according to doctors at the hospital in Innsbruck. Trapped in the ice with not much beyond his regular equipment, the climber held out for 6 days, keeping warm with an insulation blanket and nibbling on one candy bar (g). Refreshingly, he conveyed through his doctors that he wished to give no interviews, nor has any plans to write a book.

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