Here In America: The News Cycle

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The news cycle is circling around a handful of main topics this week: the shootings in Aurora, the removal of the Joe Paterno statue at Penn State University, the extreme weather, and (filling in all gaps) the presidential election.

There are simply too many news outlets competing for viewers. A large and wide-encompassing access to news would normally be a good thing, but not with this competition. The stories are all the same, the outrages understandable but superficially covered. Everybody wants to get the headline out, and then the scare.

For example, the Aurora shooter, a troubled young man who planned and executed a massacre in a movie theater in meticulous detail, stockpiling weapons and booby-trapping his apartment with explosives, acid, gasoline. He then allowed the police to take him in without a struggle. He’s not talking, or the police are not talking to the media, and so the stories have gone from straight — in a matter of hours, if that — from the facts of the crime to whether people who planned on seeing “Batman” in movie theaters 1,000 miles away are now scared to go to. Because, you know, September 11th or something. The Internet is teeming with discussions about the sorry state of gun-control in the USA, but the TV news is more concerned with how YOU feel at the movies now.

In Innsbruck I would be hearing news of the upcoming London Olympics, of the street protests going on in Spain, the crisis in Syria (remember that? Hasn’t gone away yet), and yes, the “Batman-Massakre”, because that’s the top story coming out of America, and because it’s just weird enough to confirm to the world that we are still Number One when it comes to weird and violent (I wonder if Anders Breivik is feeling that sudden lack of interest in him.)

If I ever lived here, I would seriously consider forgoing cable television and just relying on the 5 fuzzy channels this side of the hill allows us.

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