This is a public service announcement for anyone who is planning to travel around between Italy and points further north (western Austria, Germany etc) this summer 2012. The rail line between Innsbruck and the Italian border at Brennero is under construction through SEPTEMBER. During the week there will be commuter trains running from Innsbruck to Steinach am Brenner; from Steinach to the border, rail travelers must board buses.
On the weekends the entire section will be down, and there be only buses. The whole summer plan is a little complicated — if you read German, the OEBB website has the current situation outlined. If you already have tickets and concrete plans or a real need to travel through this area, don’t worry too much. Schienenersatzverkehr is a pain in the neck but it’s not the end of the the world — your Eurocity will stop at Brenner, you’ll all transfer onto buses that will take you to the next working station, and get back on the train there. Expect delays. Enjoy the scenery.

*rail replacement bus service.

P.S. The Mittenwaldbahn is running again between Innsbruck and Seefeld! To any tourists who are looking for a scenic ride between Innsbruck and Munich, this is it. It takes an hour longer but is way prettier and costs about half.
Work on the Ammerseebahn between Weilheim and Utting is also finished, and that line is runnning too.

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