The Ultimate First-World Problem

I’ve been an Apple customer since a former colleague sold me his LC II (with the “pizza box” shape) in 1997. Two machines later, I am facing the fact that, while Macs are quality machines and may well run for decades, the planned obsolescence of computer technology is forcing me to keep up.
My 2004 iBook, a Power PC running on OS 10.4.11, is no longer capable of updating certain software. Firefox left us behind last fall (3.6 was the highest I could update, and support for that has ended), and over time it simply became too cumbersome to use. Currently I am getting by with the brilliant TenFourFox, a “get-around” version which allows PPCs to run a browser just like the current Firefox, but which comes with plug-ins disabled (I have them back on though, thank the Gods for internet forum archives.)

Sometimes it astounds me that I can even write this, and more or less know what I am talking about.

A related problem is that any new devices I might buy (an iPad or an iPod touch, I haven’t decided, but I’m looking) won’t sync with the applications on this computer.

Another problem-in-the-wings is that the iBook is starting to run a little hot. The only other time this happened, it had to have some internal organs replaced. So, I am preparing now for the inevitable.

The bad news is that these babies cost a small fortune. The good news is that there’s supposed to be a new product line coming out next week, and maybe prices of the current line will drop a little. Maybe. I am hoping to have some new shiny thing to type on before next month.

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