Meet The New Oracle

Or one of them, at least. Since Paul the Word-Cup-win-predicting octopus passed on to the Great Ocean In The Sky, there are a few animals (er, their owners) competing for the title. Spiegel Online brings us news of Yvonne, a Bavarian cow, who

spent almost four months on the run last summer after a daring escape to avoid slaughter, eluding helicopters, hunters and even a handsome ox decoy named Ernst. When she was finally cornered last September, it took two tranquilizer darts to subdue her, and even then she broke free long enough to charge a tractor.

The cow’s present existence is much more tranquil. Her escape-artist heroics won her a stay of slaughter and now she spends her time wandering around on a Bavarian farm munching grass. Her new duties won’t be much of a strain either. All she has to do is choose between two buckets of feed, each marked with a flag. If she proves to be psychic, immortality will be hers.

I don’t remember Paul’s “predictions” being a matter of life and death. Poor Yvonne!

(Image found at the link above.)

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