If You Really Think Only A Voodoo Doll Will Do It…

Billboard for an online betting website in Austria.

…then you must think pretty highly of that team, say I. Yeah, the Austrians have a complicated, love-hate, big-sibling-little-sibling relationship to Germany, perhaps most visible every two years when either the World Cup or European Cup soccer tournaments are taking place. (Germany has a consistently high-ranking, winning team. Austria does not. Germany comes in 2nd or 3rd. Austria fails to qualify.)

So I doubt this shocked anyone except possibly the Bild Zeitung, who were looking to be shocked. I’m a Team Germany fan and even I find it kind of amusing.

The online betting site’s marketing director told the Bild that his company has similar billboard up in Germany, only there the voodoo doll is wearing a Netherlands tricot.

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