Business Travel

Time to pull my head out of local history articles and write about what I’m actually paid to do here.

This week I had the unique (’til now) opportunity to perform two of my favorite roles back to back, on consecutive nights — Tisbe and Meg Page. The second was a scheduled performance at my “regular” theater, the first was a last-minute jumping in for a singer who had called in sick. I had performed last October with this troupe, but this time the opera would be performed in another theater, one with which even some the regular cast was unacquainted. (Picking up another company’s staging is difficult enough — forgetting how to get from the stage to the make-up room, for a quick wig change for example, is something else altogether!)

This tiny little theater is in the small Bavarian town of Eggenfelden (population 14,000). It has a small ensemble (meaning, about 15 actors) and regularly brings in area imports for guest performances, like the company for which I was singing.

The house was charming, with starlights on the ceiling.

As I said above, I had already done two performances of this opera with this group, but that was over a weekend last October. Since then I hadn’t so much as looked at the score, nor at the dvd I had been given of the production (“Just in case, we might need you again!”). When it was clear I was going to be needed again, which was the morning of the show, I dug out the score (and found my scribbled notes for the staging, Gott sei dank!), popped the dvd in the laptop, and got caught up.

Because the hotels there were full (both of them!), the company booked a room for me back in their town, and I got a ride there after the show. This meant a 5 hour train ride back to Innsbruck the next day, which wasn’t all that bad. A quick nap, a late-afternoon voice lesson to teach, then back into make-up.
Tonight, yet another, different opera, but no travel involved.
I could get used to this.

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