I Am Easily Amused

Some things never fail to delight me, like the view of the Bettelwurf from my place.

But so do other things, like the fact that it is so ridiculously easy to make compost, even in a city apartment. This is one winter’s worth of coffee grounds, eggshells, rotten fruit, vegetable parings and garden cuttings.

The first thing the uninitiated asks is “Doesn’t it smell? What about flies?” In fact, no, it smells less than your garbage pail, and plant waste doesn’t attract flies. I keep this large container on the terrace, but you could just as easily keep a smaller pail (with a lid) under the kitchen sink. I now have a pot of black, fertile soil with which to re-pot plants. No aeration necessary, just a little water now and then.

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4 Responses to I Am Easily Amused

  1. Carlisle says:

    That is some beautiful compost – good job! Additional benefits (at least here in the US): it means less waste sent to the landfill, and much less guilt about vegetables turning to mush in the fridge.

  2. ellroon says:

    Oo! That looks delicious! (for plants, I mean) I’ve got to start composting more. I’ve been planting my spring/summer veggies and need to figure out how to get the kitchen cuttings out to the backyard with a minimum of fuss. I’m not a neat housekeeper and yet one more trash bin in the kitchen could be fatal to family harmony…

  3. Marcellina says:

    Bio waste must never go to the landfill here — every building gets a special garbage bin for food and garden waste, and you can even put in things like chicken bones or paper towels or fireplace ashes. But of course one has to haul it downstairs…
    I keep my bin on the terrace, just outside the kitchen. As I clean up the kitchen I can just open the door and throw the waste into the bin outside. Perhaps you can have a trough outside underneath the window, and toss stuff into it as you go.

  4. ellroon says:

    I would love a trough… but as my kitchen faces the street, the neighbors would complain. Especially if I got a pig to feed from the trough… 😀

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