More Poetry In Your World

It’s World Poetry Day. We singers work with all sorts of poetry all the time, via art songs. It doesn’t make us better people, but a little poetry in your life is certainly not a bad thing.

To celebrate, a little Heinrich Heine. Clara Schumann made a stunningly beautiful Lied from it. (Sucky translation mine.)

Sie liebten sich beide, doch keiner
Wollt es dem andern gestehn;
Sie sahen sich an so feindlich,
Und wollten vor Liebe vergehn.

Sie trennten sich endlich und sahn sich
Nur noch zuweilen im Traum;
Sie waren längst gestorben,
Und wußten es selber kaum.

(They loved each other, yet neither
Wanted to admit it to the other;
They looked at each other with hate,
And wanted to be consumed with passion.

They parted finally, and saw each other
Only at times in dreams;
They hardly realized that
They had died long ago.)

Addendum: The Vienna alt-pop station FM4 has a morning quiz called “Pop, Poetry or Crap?”, where callers are given a few lines of something and have to determine what it is. Sometimes it’s very hard to decide.

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