Mid-Week Potpourri

I’m in dress rehearsals again.

Some discussion is going on about the fact that almost all of blogosphere action on the European economy is taking place on American blogs, not European ones, and why that is.
Although the article deals solely with economic blogs, I can say that this kind of interconnectedness is still missing in the more cultural places too — or maybe there just aren’t enough bloggers out there yet. American singers, for instance, seem to love to blog. I have seen quite a few of their sites. I don’t know any singers here in Europe who do, besides myself. Perhaps it’s not seen as a respectable pastime. (Or maybe I just don’t know the right people.) The European bloggers whom I do read do not seem to be part of any larger blogging networks (with the exception of A Fistful of Euros, and I suspect that’s a bunch of guys in the British Isles who all know each other. Anyway they’re too important to link to me…)
(h/t to German Joys.)

News about Ötzi (or the Iceman, to English speakers): scientists have finished a complete genome sequencing, and discovered something interesting:
“The Iceman’s ancestry most closely mirrors that of modern-day Sardinians…His lineage is very rare in mainland Europe — only 1 percent or less share the same sequence — but is rather frequent in northern Sardinia and southern Corsica.”
“Did he or his ancestors travel to the Alps from Sardinia, or did the Europe of 5,000 years ago more closely resemble Sardinia and Corsica?”
I say that Italy — up to and including some of the Alps — was most likely populated by people with this genetic make-up. Ötzi was from what is now South Tyrol, on the south side of the Alpenkamm. After that, things would have gotten all mixed up through the wanderings of the Alamanni, Jutes, Angles, Saxons, Dani, Franks, Goths, Lombards, Suebi, Vandals, Cimbri etc., not to mention the Romans pushing through into Europe. h/t to Ellroon.

Gavin Webber, who writes a cheerful blog about living green Down Under, has won some well-deserved recognition for his efforts..
Congratulations to Gavin, and keep up the good work!

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