Step Away from the GOP Primaries for a moment.

It’s not healthy. Here’s a distraction for all of you who are about to go into Rush/Romney overload.
I should be memorizing a role and not trödel-ing around online, but here are a few links.

Two audience members got into a brawl during a Chicago Symphony concert led by Ricardo Muti (the concert, not the brawl). “You know every conductor has ‘killed some people’ in his concerts,” Muti said later, adding that he thought at first that there had been a medical situation (which would not be totally uncommon.)

German art forger Wolfgang Beltracchi gives an interview to Der Spiegel about his paintings, why he did what he did, how he got caught. It’s actually a fascinating interview, and he seems an interesting person. Beltracchi and his wife Helene are spending their last days of freedom (they have been sentenced to 6 and 4 years respectively) at home before reporting to prison.

The New York Times science editor answers that persistent question, “What do I do if I find myself trapped in a falling elevator?”

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