Emma Bovary’s Wanted Poster

Here’s a very weird and interesting place: someone has started a tumblr blog of portraits of characters in literature, by taking all the physically descriptive bits from the books, and using law enforcement composite sketch software to bring them together. You won’t see period costume or make-up, but you’ll see the character’s face, as described by his/her author. Well, at least as far as a composite sketch can tell you about any individual’s appearance.
Some of them are a little surprising — many of us have our own mental version, or we remember an illustration, or even a film version of a character. The blogger has included all the descriptive sentences on which he based his composite underneath his creation, so that one can compare one’s own reading of the text.

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One Response to Emma Bovary’s Wanted Poster

  1. Carlisle says:

    The Daisy Buchanan portrait is so wrong – with that prison haircut, she looks more like Bernice in “Bernice Bobs Her Hair”: “[S]he flinched at the full extent of the damage that had been wrought. Her hair was not curly, and now it lay in lank lifeless blocks on both sides of her suddenly pale face. It was ugly as sin…”

    The best representation of Daisy (without hair or even a nose!) is on the original cover of Gatsby:

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