Food For Thought

From Jenny Rivera:

Our natural tendency as humans is to measure ourselves by those around us. Some are worse about this than others, but singers are natural candidates for this because we are constantly auditioning against others, being compared to other singers, being asked to sound like other singers, being made to feel inferior to other singers when we’re not working as much as them, etc ad infinitum. And it really doesn’t help that our field is small enough that we can compare ourselves very specifically to very specific people, and decide immediately that we don’t measure up. The humongous problem with this is that we really are all unique individuals, and you can’t turn into a pineapple if you’re a banana. So you are setting yourself up for failure and unhappiness if you begin to play the compare game. … I am a banana, and some people really like bananas AND pineapples, and some people only like one or the other, and there’s not way to combine the two because then you get a Tangelo and those things are just creepy. Better to stick with what you’ve got and make as many banana cream pies and banana breads as you possibly can.

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