Wow. (Dude, that’s not a Yarmulka.)

Austria, like Germany, has these sort of fraternities (Burschenschaften) which are nothing like the American kind, but more along the lines of those secret societies at Yale — there is a bit of prestige and politics involved. I can’t tell you much more, because I don’t involve myself in these kinds of things. While Burschenschaften, in themselves, are of not any one idealogy or political party, the ones in Austria tend to be of the right-leaning kind, und wie.

So one had to wonder when they scheduled their annual winter ball on January 27th, the national day of remembrance for the liberation of Auschwitz, in the Vienna Hofburg. Even if it were an unfortunate coincidence, it looked bad and the media ran with it. There were demonstrations outside.

So what did FPÖ (Austrian FascistFreedom Party) chief Heinz Strache say in reponse? That being subjected to this kind of criticism makes him and his people “the new Jews”. Then, after getting slammed on all sides for this utterance, Strache’s spokesman was trotted out to explain that what he really meant was that those violent left extremists were bullying the nice boys at the ball. (Poor, poor persecuted rightwingers — does this sound familiar to you?)

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