Just Another Bomb

Last week, in the course of canalization work under Boznerplatz, construction workers came across another unexploded bomb, which led to a Youth Olympic Games medal ceremony having to be rescheduled. Boznerplatz, being close to the train station, had been continually pelted with bombs during the many Allied air raids over Innsbruck. In fact, construction work continues to uncover Allied bombs in town or in neighboring towns at least once a year (I have no data to back that up, I’m only going by how often it seems to make the papers.) Salzburg has the same problem(g).
There are other issues to deal with when digging anywhere around here — if it’s not the danger of buried WW2 bombs, it’s the possibility of uncovering something of historical significance, and a place like Innsbruck has thousands of years of history. Any Roman finds or, say, a cemetery from the Middle Ages, will stop work and require bringing in the archaeologists. Last year two fields of unmarked graves from the 1940s were discovered, one under a local community garden at the edge of Innsbruck, the other next to the psychiatric hospital in the town of Hall. It was determined that the first had been used to bury air raid victims; the second held the remains of hospital patients and these were scrupulously examined for signs of the causes of death (g), as it was suspected that they were victims of the Nazi euthanasia program.

Image from Innsbruck City Archive CD.

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