The Games (And Being Off Mine)

The 1st Winter Youth Olympic Games are being held right now in Innsbruck and nearby Seefeld. This would probably be a great opportunity to blog — if I were seeing any of it firsthand. A bad cold has made it impossible to do anything other than nurse my vocal chords through important rehearsals and a few performances. I am reduced to a larynx-obsessed antisocial, going though tissues, cough drops, elder tea and throat spray as if they were oxygen. We singers don’t like this part of our lives, we’re reminded of how replaceable and, yes, forgettable we are the minute singing becomes difficult.*

Since the opening ceremonies took place yesterday evening, it remains to be seen what kind of presence (beyond the big party on Maria-Theresien-Strasse) the Games will have in the town. The European Soccer Championships (here in 2010) brought with it a particular body of fans, clothed and painted to the max in their countries’ colours. Do Olympic fans do the same? Is there even such a thing?

*”Difficult” as in having difficulties. Singing is very much like any sport which demands much time and devotion until it “comes easily”, but even then remains a challenge. Always.

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