Self Tutoring Day

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You learn a lot about the internet when someone finds your old deleted blog, puts it back up (original URL and all), and claims your posts as their own, one assumes for general scamming purposes. Not exactly identity theft but certainly a copyright violation* There are ways to fight back, which involve a lot of going back and forth with copying links to prove authorship, and that’s now been done.

Many, many thanks to my computer-savvy friends for their support, advice and thoughts. I may be back for more soon enough if this does not get resolved!

* Like just about every other blogger, I really don’t mind when people use my stuff; all I ask for is a link back. This went far beyond that.

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2 Responses to Self Tutoring Day

  1. ellroon says:

    If the person was ‘acquiring’ blogs, maybe it was to jam them full of ads because they were being paid per ad? That is really weird.

    How did you find out about it?

  2. Marcellina says:

    Very possibly, and they didn’t get around to the ads yet.

    I was lucky — I had not taken down the google reader subscription to the old URL, just forgot about it. This morning suddenly there were ten posts, all my stuff. Seems the thief hauled it out via the Web Archive Wayback Machine (which left a hit at my current site) and may not have known that the content had simply been transferred over to a new platform.

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