Baby Jesus’ Grog House

Courtesy of my friend H, who sings up in dark northern Germany these days. Hamburg has the answer to “What Would Jesus Do About ‘The War On Christmas’?”: Why, he’d open a Glühwein stand and cash in on the holiday cheer. The Christ Child evidently understands capitalism.

Serious now: the Christkind is part of the Austrian culture; in northern Germany it’s the Weihnachtsmann who brings the presents. One assumes this stand’s name conveys something along the lines of “mulled wine, just like your Austrian grandma used to make it.”

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2 Responses to Baby Jesus’ Grog House

  1. David says:

    Love your blog. Your writing is superb. Many thanks for all the fascinating contributions. Happy New Year.

  2. Marcellina says:

    Hey! Someone just told me that SG is doing the best musicals and I thought of you (are you still there?)

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