It Will Get Better. You Just Haven’t Met The Right Friends Yet. We Are Here.

Dan Pearce, author of the blog Single Dad Laughing, wrote an entry not too long ago entitled I’m Christian, Unless You’re Gay. It was about hatred, hypocrisy, intolerance and bullying in many parts of America toward gays and lesbians, in the name of Christianity*. It was a very powerful post and I recommend reading it first.
Here is one of the many, many responses he got (there are thousands), some of them hateful, some of them threatening, many more uplifting and moving:

Tonight I was going to kill myself. I had it all planned out. I had all the items to do it sitting in my bedroom. I don’t know if I would have done it but I sure was planning to. Ever since I told my parents and a few close friends that I was gay life has gotten worse and worse. My parents who go to church twice a week have tried to force me to go to this boot camp that’s made to force the gay out of you. They’ve told me more times than I can count that as long as I’m gay I’m not their son and that if I loved them or God at all I would do whatever it takes to not be gay anymore. They’ve even talked to my only friends and they all had a gay intervention for me and told me that they couldn’t be in my life if I was going to keep saying that I was gay.

“I’ve never been with another guy. I’ve never told anyone else. All I’ve ever done was finally get the guts to tell the people I was closest to in my life that I was gay and they’ve all turned on me. This all started about six months ago and I’ve never been so alone in my life.

“Anyways I just was on Facebook trying to decide if I should write a goodbye note and somebody posted a link to your Christian/gay post. The post was super good, but the comments are what kept me on your site for hours. The love people who didn’t even know Jacob were showing gave me hope I guess, and then somebody posted a video called it gets better and I’ve never seen these videos but I watched it and then a bunch more and for the first time I have hope that maybe it will get better I just know now that it probably won’t get better for me here. But somewhere maybe.

“So if you will, please tell your readers that they saved a life and tell them thank you because I didn’t really want to die I just really didn’t want to live with this anymore. I can’t wait to turn 18 and get out of this place. Pray for me. I’m going to need it.

*I am not knocking Christianity. But, just as in some other religions we know, people often interpret their scriptures the way they want, and in doing so make theirs a world of hate and ignorance. Read the article.

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