They Didn’t “See The Resemblance During The Design Process”.

This is a recently unveiled design for a pair of residential towers in Seoul, Korea, named “The Cloud”. The “cloud” itself, a connecting bridge, will hold restaurants, fitness centers, lounges, etc., and the surfaces above it will include gardens, fish ponds and other outdoor spaces. From the comments left at the link, I can see I’m not the only one to think it bears an eery resemblance to the burning World Trade Center.
A visit to the architecture firm’s website confirms that. Information about the building has been prefaced with the following text:

MVRDV regrets deeply any connotations The Cloud projects evokes regarding 9/11.

The Cloud was designed based on parameters such as sunlight, outside spaces, living quality for inhabitants and the city. It is one of many projects in which MVRDV experiments with a raised city level to reinvent the often solitary typology of the skyscraper. It was not our intention to create an image resembling the attacks nor did we see the resemblance during the design process. We sincerely apologize to anyone whose feelings we have hurt, it was not our intention.

Personally, I don’t think I could ever live that high up in a residential tower. I like to live with the assurance that I could walk up if and when the elevator’s out of service.

h/t to Obscene Desserts

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4 Responses to They Didn’t “See The Resemblance During The Design Process”.

  1. Carlisle says:

    Maybe – but it also has the look of skyscrapers high up in the clouds, which is probably what the designers had in mind. A good idea, not very well executed (the twin towers, which these buildings certainly resemble, were tall but never all that beautiful).

  2. Marcellina says:

    I think that this cg image, with the angle from which one views the towers, is also somewhat unfortunate. My immediate response was more or less “wtf?” Naturally they had in mind what you say, that’s why it’s called “The Cloud”, but the initial reaction to it negates that.

    I would be interested in seeing a similar building created with some self-sustaining agriculture in mind up there — vegetable gardens, greenhouses, beehives? People have them already on NY rooftops, so why not begin to actually design towers with that in mind? Japan has those high-rise dairy farms…

  3. Paschberg says:

    The first glance on this picture was also WTC.
    The second: LEGO – buit I like the concept of the cloud – as it remebers me about designs by “my” Professor Leopold Gerstel ( or Moshe Safdie (

  4. Marcellina says:

    It seems that Lego is the preferred model-building material of architects these days — evidently also what they’re using at MVRDV!

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