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Our local historical homestead. We took a tour which featured the interesting seasonal exhibit “Spirituous Liquors and Healthful Distillations: Alcohol in Colonial America”. Especially interesting was the mention of locally made spruce beer (Fichtenbier?) and chocolate wine, both of which are still available for purchase. (We immediately went out and found chocolate wine at the state store. The one we tried has a taste similar to Bailey’s Irish Cream.)

And we learned another matter of interest: the county in which this historic house sits is posting a budget which would close the parks and heritage sites department, and eliminate 107 county jobs. The county’s other option would be to raise taxes to cover their cultural-site costs, but a certain faction of the populace is vehemently against taxes of any stripe, let alone increases. Screwing your cultural heritage — consider it an odd American custom, like spruce beer.

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