Automats: Sexual Health Edition

For my colleague C, who is feeling a bit down on the health front, but not for this reason. At a German U-Bahn station:

Because sometimes what you need is more than just a candy bar, gel? The condoms are, according to the blog from which I swiped these, four euros. The test is twice as much and, incidentally, bears this name —

Images and information (in German) from the author of this blog, who seems genuinely stymied as to why anyone might need to buy a pregnancy test from an automat.

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4 Responses to Automats: Sexual Health Edition

  1. Lot better than the ol’ local druggist knowing your business!

  2. Marcellina says:

    Or the cashier at the Drogerie. I can easily imagine someone too mortified to go to the drugstore (teenagers) could buy one here. Unless someone is standing right next to you, it would not be clear to others what you are buying.

  3. ellroon says:

    Exactly. I’m really tired of the sexual hysteria that is building in the US. Sexual freedom and reproductive choices for women are close to being negated… after only 40 years. Of all the problems the world is facing right now, every chance they get, politicians go to women’s rights to pitch their battles. This at a time when the earth’s population has passed 7 billion. How stupid are we?

    And as to the dispenser, it’s funny they have the cause and effect so close together….sex and babies.

  4. Marcellina says:

    It is also funny to find them among the candy bars and gum. I have seen dispensers in public restrooms with various sanitary stuff (tampons, etc) and would have expected to see them there. But no one seems to be up in arms that “our children’s innocence will be taken” just by seeing them. Innocence is a vastly overrated concept, imho.

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