Soul Cakes

Halloween has little to no tradition here, so I figured, why not make soul cakes to offer any Walking Dead or Visiting Spirits that might need a pick-me-up (in the cold, cold cathedral during tonight’s rehearsal, for instance.) These were made from a recipe found at NPR, of all places.

The photo accompanying the recipe shows small cakes with crosses made of currants. I used raisins instead of currants, and mine were smaller, more the size of cookies. So I stuck three raisins onto the surface, like two eyes and a mouth, which reminds one of the tree spirits in the Miyazaki film “Princess Mononoke”

And if tree spirits aren’t fit for the holiday, then what is?

And how are they? Well, they’re pretty good fresh out of the oven. I’m not so sure how they’ll taste once they are stone cold, but maybe the Walking Dead will have done away with them by then.

Happy Halloween!

(Kodama image found here.)

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2 Responses to Soul Cakes

  1. Hi Marcellina! I just found your blog due to your tagging me. You have this “Klavierzimmer” in your blog address, so … do you play the piano? (I do! :D) Anyway, your cookies really have decent little faces, and they look exactly like the kodama spirits! ­čÖé

  2. Marcellina says:

    Welcome, Kath! “Klavierzimmer” is German for a practice room in a theater or school, because there is a piano in it (either for a solo pianist or for accompanying another musician.) I am a singer, this blog is one of the places I “practice” (although obviously not singing!).
    P.S. Ah, I see you live in Germany!

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