R.I.P. Steve Jobs

“Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.” Steve Jobs 1955-2011

The Beau and I go around on the subject of Apple and its influence on the world. He learned on PCs, loves to hate Microsoft, and sees Apple fans as consumerist sycophants scrambling to buy the newest, latest, coolest, unnecessarily filling the junkyards with toxic computer waste. I learned on a Mac. In fact, I had the honor of trying out the very first Macintosh desktop computer (with a tiny, tiny black and white screen. Anyone remember Daleks?) In the early nineties I used my grad school’s computer lab (PCs) and lived an otherwise normal life. Then in 1996 I bought a used Mac (the “pizza box”) from colleague who was upgrading, and used it until it died in 1999. Fortunately, the first iBooks had hit Europe by then. My little Aquamarine “close and play” took me through 2004, when the ports finally died and I switched to a slightly used iBook G4. This baby is now getting on in years, there are some things I can’t do in this Operating System (Google Chrome is one) and I think about shelling out for a new laptop every so often. Or maybe an iPad…

I don’t think Microsoft users talk about their old computers this way. We Apple folks sound more like people who talk about their old, departed cars — with some affection, as if they were favorite childhood toys or old friends. While I am not the kind of monied consumer Apple would prefer (I don’t use an iPhone, which is almost blasphemy, I think), I have always had a fondness for them, as well as for the old iPods, Pixar Studios films, the whole works. Possibly this puts me in the “consumerist sycophant” category, but I doubt it. In fact, I may be exactly what Apple needs now — a loyal customer who’s not about to run off for the next thing, which might come from some other company now. Will Apple continue to be the newest and the coolest without Steve Jobs? We’re going to find out.
However, let’s not forget that we are talking about a business:

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  1. Carlisle says:

    Very nice!
    Today’s NYT had a crossword puzzle tribute: http://select.nytimes.com/premium/xword/2011/10/07/Oct0711.pdf

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