“Has Anyone Turned In My Dentures?”

According to the German news mag “Der Spiegel”, the objects turned in to the Lost and Found at this year’s Oktoberfest include

a live, eight-centimeter-long grasshopper, a Viking helmet, two crutches, an electric wheelchair, a rucksack containing two foldable camping chairs, a case full of musical notes, 1,300 items of clothing, 520 wallets, over 1,000 identity cards, 390 mobile phones, 370 pairs of eyeglasses, 90 cameras, 80 items of jewellery and watches and 425 keys.

The lost jewelry often includes wedding rings, furtively removed before a drunken flirt, I imagine. Also dentures, although only one set was brought in this year.

“I think the adhesive has improved so the false teeth don’t come out when people are chewing meat,” Charles Reinbold, who has worked at the Oktoberfest lost property office for almost 20 years, told SPIEGEL ONLINE.
“The year I started,” he said, “I remember we had five or six sets of false teeth in, and a pensioner walked in and tried them all on. Unfortunately, his weren’t among them.”

The article went on to report that the number of children lost at Oktoberfest rose this year, from 37 to 48. One hopes they are not still waiting to be claimed at the Lost and Found.

(Photo found here)

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4 Responses to “Has Anyone Turned In My Dentures?”

  1. Carlisle says:

    Great list! But, a live grasshopper? Did it have a collar, or what?

  2. Marcellina says:

    I’m guessing, a plastic container with airholes? The article did not say.

  3. ellroon says:

    Now THAT is the way to have a party!

  4. Carlisle says:

    Yes but next time, leave the grasshopper at home!

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