More Automats

My friend C. has been traveling around Europe, and she sent me these photos taken along the way.

Well, you never know when you might need a loaf of bread in the middle of the night — for an impromptu fondue party, perhaps?

Likewise, you might want to gussy yourself up a bit on your way to that nocturnal fondue party. You’re not going to find chique earrings at the all-night gas station, you know.

This isn’t an automat in the sense of put-money-in-and-get-something-out, but its weirdness earns it a place here anyway. This box is for dog owners to deposit their poop bags. Note that there is a trash receptacle in the background; but no, you are not to use that, you have to use this box. Poop bags in the trash is interdit!

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