Austrian Incest Story Update

Just to clear the air: the incest story which broke last month is looking like a big misunderstanding. After extensive interviews with the two adult daughters, their 80-yr-old father has been released from jail and charges were dropped. In an Austrian News Service article,

…interviews revealed that it was questionable whether they have understood the relevant concepts in general. They described the relevant offenses committed, but which apparently had been perpetrated another man.
That had happened quite some time ago, however, and must be investigated. That her father would have done the same thing with them, has been ruled out.
This was confirmed by Josef Wimmer, the lawyer for the 80-year-old father. “Rape, for them, is being forced into or out of their bed. Sex means for the two daughters (one of which is slightly, the other moderately, mental retarded), if someone is walking around naked. ‘Papa didn’t do that with us.’ “

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