Because I Am So Easily Impressed

My Mom recently switched internet providers, and now her e-mail program is not functioning as it should (outgoing but no incoming). As I am the only other person in her circle of computer-using friends and family with a Mac, she needs my advice when problems arise. Unfortunately I am four thousand miles (over six thousand kilometers) away.

Fortunately, there is Skype. And TeamViewer, which allows me to look around on her computer and make changes remotely. We tried to fix the problem for well over an hour, including an online chat with the provider’s support guy (in the Phillipines), all the while talking for free.

We only got the problem partially solved, but the experience was pretty cool. Well, it is for an opera singer! Technology today is pretty amazing.

Update: Problem solved. Yay.

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2 Responses to Because I Am So Easily Impressed

  1. ellroon says:

    Cheers! Always wonderful to tackle some computer problem and actually resolve it. I can tell when our net goes down. Family members come out from their various niches and shout bad words at our provider, our modem, our wireless, and their computers…. and I scramble to reboot the modem and the wireless router. Then I chant a few mysterious words, turn three times in my swivel chair, pound the desk, tap the monitor and voila! … Well, sometimes it works…..

  2. Marcellina says:

    It *is* sort of mysterious sometimes, isn’t it? The Mail program needed the machine equivalent of my saying “Wait, let’s start over, I’ll come in again. Hello!”
    It seems a recent Flash update plus some old junk from the former provider had the poor thing confused.
    But I like the three turns in the swivel chair, maybe it will go faster if I build that part into my routine. ­čśë

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