Weekend Mountain Blogging: Voralpenland

A first bicycle ride through the Five-Lakes-Region, to get an idea of the lay of the land. The roads are all good but hilly, and some have heavier traffic that you’d expect for a country lane (well, everyone was out enjoying the perfect weather today). At certain points you can see the Alps stretched across the southern horizon.
My original goal had been to find some marked grave mounds south of Frieding, but I missed all the turns for several reasons which I won’t get into here, and had to “reconfigure” as I went. So I took the road to Herrsching, which was a mistake. Half of Munich — the conservative, designer-clothes-wearing half — goes to Herrsching when the weather is this good (the other half goes to the Isar River banks in town.)

The passenger ferry “Herrsching” coming in to dock.

It was a good day for sailing too. A nice breeze, unlike the hurricane that my poor friends are waiting out in New Jersey.

Kloster Andechs (Andechs Cloister) peeps out from the ridge behind Herrsching across the bay. That’s for another, later, day trip.

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3 Responses to Weekend Mountain Blogging: Voralpenland

  1. Paschberg says:

    You wll know this already. If not:
    Andechs-Innsbruck was once a very strong politcal connection (see. eg. http://www.geschichte-tirol.com/burgenschlosser/nordtirol/1106-andechser-burg-in-innsbruck.html, http://innsbruck.tsn.at/website/ergaenzungen/zeittafel.html)
    Count Andechs founded Innsbruck

  2. Marcellina says:

    I do know that a Graf von Andechs founded Ibk, but I had not thought about the connection of the two places. This will make a good future blog entry!
    btw something interesting: if one puts Graf Andechs into google, the third (!) item is a site for buying aristocratic titles: “Werden Sie mit uns unkompliziert & schnell zum Graf von Andechs. Diesen Adelstitel und viele weitere können Sie hier erwerben.” !!

  3. What a gorgeous place!

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