And Again.

I promise, someday I’ll be able to get out and give you some decent blogposts. Until then, it’s going to be current events.

Another sensational incest case out of Austria. Two sisters, ages 45 and 53, lived in Braunau in their parents’ house with their widowed father. The girls were mentally handicapped and introverted, the townspeople didn’t bother much with them — they went to school, but no one noticed anything amiss, and the parents seemed like good, God-fearing people. The girls grew up and grew older, and  then began  to not venture out of the house.

A chance visit by a nurse changed this outsiders’ view entirely. She found the 80-yr-old father on the floor, injured. He was taken to the hospital. Later, well after the incident, the sisters felt free enough to begin talking — he’d fell in a physical fight with one of the daughters, after trying to assault her. When he fell and was injured, they left him there, and the nurse found him two days later.

The sisters claim that their father kept his wife and daughters  in one room of their large house for 41 years, where the father raped them all, beat them with sticks, threatened them with a firearm and the pitchfork. The mother died in 2008.

When the Fritzl case broke, when Natascha Kampusch escaped her captor and ran for help, the newspapers were full of introspective articles about how any of this could happen, about what makes this kind of thing happen in Austria. Other than an intense respect for others’ privacy, I don’t remember that question being sufficiently answered. A few surmised that there are cases which will never come to light, stories of captivity and abuse which might be happening now, right under our noses.

The two women will be taken to a home where they will be cared for. The father is under arrest.

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