For Hecate

(This Hecate)

Update: If you read German, here is a little information on the artist. I shy away from new-age-y stuff and there seems to be a lot of it connected to pre-historic topics (on the internet, at least), so the idea of “Tyrol” originally meaning “Village of the Goddess” doesn’t hold water with me. But your milage may vary, as the kids say.

Anyone who has spent time in Austria or southern Bavaria has probably heard the salutation “Grüss Gott”, which, according to its Wikipedia entry, is often used without much thought to the religious aspect of it, much like the French “Adieu” (or the English “Goodbye”. I’m just saying this so no one gets the idea that we’re religious fundamentalists over here.)
Still, it amuses me to pass a certain sign along the Autobahn at the German-Austrian border near Kufstein. It’s been there for years, too. I was never able to get a decent photo of it but my friend Oresta recently got one and gave me permission to post it here.

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3 Responses to For Hecate

  1. weltbeobachterin says:

    danke für den Link, vom Schild hab ich gehört – aber den genauen Grund nicht.

  2. Marcellina says:

    WB, When I see it, I often think that, despite its faults, in some ways Austria really is a tolerant land. In America, that sign would have been taken down for any number of reasons, but first it would have been vandalized with hate speech.

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