Better Than The Bolide Theory*

Passing on something found an article from the Austrian News Service (without source) about the Iceman, who we here call Ötzi. I don’t see an English news article about this (although there may be one up tomorrow), nor anything at Ötzi’s home, the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology.

Maybe Bill Bryson, who wrote his own Ötzi death scenario in “At Home”, would be interested in this.

Anyway, a recent report is out which posits a new scenario for the guy’s death and for why he was found as he was. This involves being with a group on a copper-finding expedition up in the mountains when they were ambushed by thieves. He was hit by one of their arrows and mortally wounded. His companions pulled out the shaft but could not remove the arrow before he succumbed. Seeing as the weather was getting bad quickly (and this would be true, because the quickly dropping temperature had something to do with his body’s survival over the millennia), they laid him in a sleeping position and left burial offerings, such as the valuable copper ax (think of a band of soldiers burying a brother with his machine gun, perhaps.)

It could have happened that way. It’s really anyone’s guess. I would just like to point out that there may even have been other dead (or other objects) nearby, whose remains were ground up and carried away by the glacier. The particular spot where Ötzi lay is what saved him from that.

Article in German found here

*Meaning, this.

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  1. I do find him fascinating.

  2. ellroon says:

    Thanks! Love articles like this.

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