Here And There In America, Part 4

Pine Creek Gorge, also known as the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, as seen from the eastern rim overlook. Along the left side of the creek is the popular Pine Creek Rail Trail, which follows the old dismantled rail line from Wellsboro to Jersey Shore (a wee town on the Susquehanna River which has had that name since 1826).

Possibly a juvenile bald eagle, but more likely a turkey buzzard, one of a pair hunting over the rim of the Canyon.

The Wellsboro Diner, a restored 1939 porcelain diner car which now pulls in visitors to the area. Worth a stop in.

An active strip mine near Shamokin, a small town in the anthracite coal region of the Pennsylvania Appalachians. Trees are slowly reclaiming the slag piles, making for strange landscapes of forest on a black floor.

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3 Responses to Here And There In America, Part 4

  1. Paschberg says:

    Beautiful landscape. Also the slag piles. But those seem to be a risk – like in the Aberfan disaster.
    Pine Creek Trail – I see, there are some noteworhy bicyclepaths in the US – but are they not connected to a network. E.g. if you would make a cycle tour through Pennsylvania, are there problems when cycling on normal roads (I have heard that in the US walkers often are somehow suspect – cyclists also)?

  2. Marcellina says:

    Thank you for asking!
    Well, yes cyclists can use the roads and are treated somewhat better than pedestrians (I am referring to areas outside the city centers), but that said, in my experience European drivers (and street planners) are generally much nicer to cyclists than their American colleagues.
    A cycle tour through Pennsylvania: well there is this organization, in fact, the yellow route runs close to here, on Route 23, a two-lane highway. The routes are marked with small street signs every so often and the company sells laminated touring maps (I have two, but for some reason they are in Innsbruck.) These probably also connect with the routes of other states’ cycle touring organizations, for longer trips.
    The Schuylkill River Trail has been a project in the works for many years now, using mostly unused rail beds. I believe some of the last “missing links” are finally being filled in this year.

  3. ellroon says:

    I vote for turkey buzzard. The head is small to the body, and the way the wings jut out from the shoulders looks like a glider not a flyer… (but what do I know?)

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