Here And There In America, Part 2

The Pez collection in the entryway to the Paper Moon Diner, Baltimore, Maryland.

The interior is even funkier, a colorful mishmash of old toys, mannequins and found objects which make the entire establishment a living work of art.

Baltimore again. In Innsbruck there is a small shop near the main bridge which is called Bread and School Supplies, and that is exactly what it sells. Here is something similar if a lot more upscale — this may be Heaven on Earth for a certain type of shopper.

A park in York County with nature trails and an environmental education center for children, founded in 1968 and named in honor of the then newly-elected President Nixon. (Fitting that one must keep to the right here.) On the other hand, the park got me wondering if any recent Republicans would inspire anyone to open an environment-aware park in their names.

St. Paul’s Mission Church, Berks County, already closed and used only sporadically by the 1960s. Now it appears to be completely in disuse. Within the churchyard are the graves of Irish and southern German parishioners (Flannerys, Moloneys, Yeagers), the graves of the Italian parishioners are all outside the wall. A reminder of the discrimination Italian immigrants faced for many years.

This is the restored Allegheny Aqueduct, all that remains of the Girard Canal, a section of the Schuylkill Canal system which connected the Pennsylvania coal regions to Philadelphia and beyond. The canal was in operation until 1919 and abandoned in 1931, but its memory remains in the many Canal Streets found in the villages and towns which formed along the river.

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5 Responses to Here And There In America, Part 2

  1. Astrid says:

    oh my, you have gotten around on your trip! Great collection of oddities and places (one of my faves being the third one – no surprise there, hmmm?)
    The Italians buried outside the walls does make one stop and think, no? And the Nixon park… I was never a fan of his, but it bears noting that he also tried to get a healthcare plan passed that went much farther than the Obama plan, but couldn’t get enough Democratic support b/c it didn’t go far enough. Today’s Republican Party is a different beast, indeed.

  2. V4Virginia says:

    There are definitely Republicans who might inspire one to create a nature park, although for completely different reasons 🙂

    Fun pics, love the diner!

  3. Marcellina says:

    Thanks, V!
    Astrid, I did not know that about Nixon’s health care plan. I don’t usually play “what if”, but just to think where we’d be if it had passed back then…

  4. Diane says:

    Lovely pictures, and a timely reminder that there is so much that has to be protected and improved upon here.

    Thanks for your fresh perspective.

  5. Marcellina says:

    Part Three will be posted by the weekend!

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