There Goes My View.

Almost. It has been announced in the paper this morning that plans are in the works for a stack of  80 high-end luxury apartments and “city villas” to be built on the unused piece of land across the street. Construction is set to begin next autumn and continue for two years.
Tell me, do these look like the high life to you? No, they look like truck containers on a ship. Plus, passers-by will be able to see straight through your apartment and out the other side. Can they possibly be the least bit energy efficient with all that glass? Is Innsbruck already tired of building passive houses?

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  1. Paschberg says:

    It depends on the quality of the flats. The plans will be presentend here: “Montag und Dienstag, 4. und 5. 7. von 9 – 17 Uhr ist die Präsentation (Pläne, Visualisierungen, Modelle) öffentlich zugänglich in den Räumen der WAT (Auslober), Businesspark Valierg. 60 (Rossau), 3. Stock” – mayb I have time to visit…
    I must confess, that my favorite architects are people like Leopold Gerstel ( ) , Yona Friedman ( ) , Moshe Safdie ( ) – at least one who was allowde to build his thoughts. And so Im am happy if a concept seems to go in this direction, But with this picture nothing cann be said, if this a is really so. Maybe the “containers” ar only ornament to gain the impression of somithing like stated before.
    Btw. living in real conatainers might be not so horrible:
    Whats really a problem ist the use of glass in large amounts. I think this is political architkeutr – say we build everything glazed, so no one complain wrong set windows or wrong set walls. Its a fact, that flor plans year by year lack more details (like exact differenciation between walls and windows) in order to avoid critics in the competions jury. ther can be no critic, if it can´t be said if there is a wall or a window 😉
    Solutions should however be preferred, where windows are seldom, but ther, where you neeed them (maybe the was done here in Rocha / Tombals work:

  2. Marcellina says:

    I agree that it is political architecture. I also think it is designed to complement its neighbor, the new addition of Sillpark, which is also all squares and glass. I admit I like having a sunlit home, but that can be done also with judiciously placed roof windows. From this sketch it looks as if the inhabitants will be living in a terrarium. Or an ant farm!

    (Of course partly I am complaining because I just lived through nearly a year of construction on my apartment building and the street below, and now the next project is already beginning…) 😉

    I especially like the photo of the Safdie building, where everyone gets their own garden!

  3. ellroon says:

    Ack! Hope they look nicer than the picture… that’s a load of shoe boxes in a stack. With no privacy no less… should be entertaining.

  4. Marcellina says:

    That’s a lot of curtain orders right there!

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