Weekend Rooftop Blogging

I finally got a fence up again, so there’s no longer that feeling of being a zoo attraction for the mall patrons across the way. It’s a bit narrower than it used to be — the eco-renovation took away a good foot or two of depth. But OK.

I honestly don’t know how I lucked out with these tomatoes.

The beautiful spruce tree, which lived happily in a large pot for 10 years, did not survive the winter indoors. It has found a new life as a favorite perch, however, and at the moment I’m loathe to get rid of it, because the birds love to hop around on it.

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3 Responses to Weekend Rooftop Blogging

  1. Astrid says:

    Love it, Marcellina! Yes, keep the spruce tree until you find its replacement – must keep the songbirds happy!

  2. Carlisle says:

    Your terrace and bird perch are so charming! Congratulations on those ripening tomatoes – Bob will be so envious.

  3. Marcellina says:

    @Astrid, I will! Sometimes find the pigeons trying to figure out how to untie the feedballs — at first I just had them on hooks but whole balls, net and all, kept vanishing. But today a family of fledgling sparrows was chirping away out there.
    @Carlisle, I hope I get to taste at least some of them! Which means they have to be ripe before next weekend… otherwise my plantsitters will have to enjoy them for me.

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