Der Gropenführer Kommt

Arnold  Schwarzenegger is coming back to Austria to appear in a film about the Austrian former ski star Erik Schinegger, about whom I wrote last year. According to Die Presse, the film will be directed by Wolfgang Santner and will be made right here in Tirol. Arnie will not be playing Schinegger (thank goodness) but a supporting role, the name of which has not yet been announced. Filming is scheduled to begin in early 2012; the film should come out later the same year.

But perhaps the most pressing question is: who will be used for Ahhnold’s voice in the German synchronization??

And will there be any local casting? Because I want in.

(Before any English-speakers get caught up in these last names, I shall point this out: Arnie’s name does not break down as Schwarze-negger, but as Schwarzen-egg-er. The Austrian term Egg, I believe — although I have no citation for this — is a form of Eck, and would be pronounced the same. The name, therefor, would mean something like “from Black Corner”. It would be the same with Schinegg’s name, and taken a step further; there are several small communities with the name Schönegg.)

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