Priests Must Be On Leash At All Times

Honestly, I don’t mean to pick on churches, but this is in the news: a man in Styria (province in southeastern Austria) has posted signs along the trail through his forest — which leads to a pilgrimage church — declaring his property a “child protected area” and barring priests in the presence of children who are not otherwise accompanied by parents or guardians. Himself a victim of child abuse at the hands of a member of the clergy, he says this is his own way of protesting what he sees as the Catholic Church’s inability to remove sexual predators from its ranks. Above is the sign he has posted.

The local diocese is not amused.

In English (AP)

Deutsch (Der Standard)

Interesting: Google News for Austria brings up 29 articles. Google News for the U.S. brings up 138. The reason: sex sells more in America.

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