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I had to look up the German word from “The Rapture” (die Entrückung, or, in a witty comment in an English-German forum, Endzeitgaudi 😀 ) because I had never, to my knowledge, heard it spoken or seen it written. It’s just not much of a deal here and hasn’t been.


This, like alien abductions, satanic rituals at pre-school and resistance to universal healthcare, seems to be primarily an American thing.


Now, every once in a while I’m in church myself (for professional reasons), and I seem to recall hearing something about “you will not know the day nor the hour”. Wouldn’t it be “wise in thine own eyes”, then (as the sign above admonishes the reader not to be), to try to beat God at his own game?

Also, in my admittedly somewhat limited knowledge of the Bible, I thought that the Rapture, Jesus’ arrival, and Judgement Day were different events.

Courtesy of Wikipedia

This set of graphs sort of clears things up, I guess, — there is internal controversy on the matter — although aside from the word “Millennium”, there is no suggestion of how much time passes between events. Perhaps we are to think of that psalm which says that our “days are as grass”, or the one which says that “a thousand years in your sight is like a day”, and forget about pesky things like time.

There are going to be a lot of very disappointed people a week from Saturday. I can’t help but think that the belief in a quick and happy end to life on earth is no more than a way to divert one’s thoughts about a possibly dismal future. Some people will literally believe anything, but for me it is most painful to watch them put their children through this.

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Und: Die Heaven’s Gate Selbstmorde (These are the ones who wanted to board the spaceship behind the comet.)

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4 Responses to >The Rapture

  1. geor3ge says:

    >Actually, I'm convinced the Rapture already happened and nobody made the cut.

  2. Marcellina says:

    >Perhaps that's where all those missing children and pets went.

  3. Paschberg says:

    >A very technical diagramm – rapture engineering. The problem is, that mankind tries to measure eterinty by means of a folding rule. Religions are also not immune to such practice, thus mingling knowing and believing. For the Jews some names of god must not be spelled. With the years I feel (not unterstand) why.

  4. Marcellina says:

    >mingling knowing and believing.Eben. But for many people, believe is "knowing", when in reality we know nothing. I find it is important to accept that, and find a reason to live joyfully and righteously anyway.

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