>’Fashion Victim’ Takes On A Whole New Meaning

>If you must have your jeans pre-distressed for that ripped-and-worn look (I prefer mine dark and intact these days), researchers at the University of Innsbruck have developed an eco-friendly method, according to recent online articles (in English). The current method involves sandblasting, which is detrimental to the lungs of the workers doing it, and while it has been banned in many countries, one can still find sandblasted jeans in European stores from Bangladesh, Egypt, China, Turkey, Brazil and Mexico.

The surface activation technique presents several advantages including preventing the decease of fabric strength, shortening the duration of the wash-down process and reducing the concentrations of costly chemicals.
“This method also offers a replacement of the sandblasting of denim, which is an extremely unhealthy process for which, until now, there have been few alternatives available”

 Artikel in deutsch (Der Standard)

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2 Responses to >’Fashion Victim’ Takes On A Whole New Meaning

  1. >That enrages me much more than all this fuss about poor animals and usage of furs in fashion.

  2. Marcellina says:

    >Well, I think there's need to change practices in both. For me its not the fur per se, but the inhumane way we get it (skinning alive.)But of also of interest to me is that this shows big holes in the so-called highly regulated European markets. It's not much of a good deed to ban a practice in your own country but encourage third-world countries to continue (with your Euros), and then wonder why people from those countries want to live Europe.

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