>Royal Wedding Kitchblogging


A friend went to London last week, and brought me Kate & William commemorative refrigerator magnets. One is also a little notebook. Smashing!
But I admit, I haven’t been paying much attention. They seem like nice people, and they’ve been together long enough to know a few things about each other. Any comparisons to Diana are media-hype, pure and simple. As far as whether Wills’ father will reign or pass the throne on to his son, what the Brits do with their Monarchy is their business. My main curiosity is about the arcs of trees being installed in the center aisle of Westminster Abbey (coincidentally — or maybe not — it’s Arbor Day!). Also, what kind of exceptional English church music will be offered.
But, while I can’t get too lathered up about a royal wedding, I also can’t get worked up about the media’s take on it either, as others are doing. Dissing it seems to only add to the buzz, doesn’t it?

(We are not going to get anywhere near that birther nonsense going on over there. Not on this blog. A good take on it, from someone on this side of the pond, is here.

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