>I Get E-Mails…

>…and probably I should correct this poor woman’s wrong impression but I am too jet-lagged to care, so I shall just put it up here.

Dear Marcellina,

In recognition of your amazing work on The Practice Room, (My amazing work? Well, thanks, I guess) we’d like you to be one of the first travel Advisors on ShopSquad. We’ve just launched a free consumer-to-consumer advice website where shoppers can ask Advisors (i.e. you!) for travel advice, (is that anything like “citizen journalists”, doing your work for you?) and we believe that you would be a perfect fit. (Um, why? Because I know which hotels the theater’s guest singers complain about?)

If you recommend a flight, hotel, or car rental that is purchased, you get a percentage of the sale. We know that you’re probably driving thousands of dollars of sales from your blog, (HAAAAhahahaha!! Good one!) and ShopSquad allows you to capture more of that value when you share your expertise and recommend the products and services you love to your readers through the ShopSquad platform. (Flights, hotels, car rentals? Have you seen those even once here? Seriously, woman. I have never rented a car in my life, let alone loved it!.)

Thanks for your time, and have a great day! (Uh-huh)

Sincerely, (OK, go away. Now.)

Joyce Chen

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