>Travel Blogging 2


A little village near here, known for its historic gingerbread facades, fancy restaurant and rock falls, sprang up originally due to an iron mine and a quarry, both closed long ago. Behind the village are traces of the abandoned railroad which serviced the operations.

 Most of the rail bed is now unmarked trail. The cinder bed remains visible, and some wooden ties here and there. The largest remains are the wooden bridges over the creek.

Above and below, two views of the same bridge.

A second bridge encountered closer to the road. When the mines were open (from 1845-1928), the hillside was barren. When they closed, the forest began to take over. The land now belongs to State Game Lands.

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3 Responses to >Travel Blogging 2

  1. SalzburgBJ says:

    >Reminds me of the recent (unfortunately very shallow) documentary about the Earth After People.

  2. Paschberg says:

    >Somehow the photo in the first post already looked a bit "railroadish"The timber bridges look quite well for beeing abandoned since mor than 80 years….Nice landscape – even industrial site look like parks, when nature takes over.But spring is not so far there.

  3. Marcellina says:

    >The path in that photo is of what was once a "fire road", an access road in case of forest fire, I suppose.The bridges will still support a person but probably not a car, and they are badly decomposing in some places. But I was surprised that they were even still there. Spring is not as far as in Tirol, which surprised me, because this is zone 6 or maybe now 7, and I think Innsbruck might be zone 5(?). But the winter was long and cold this year.

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