>Nazi Cakes: "Sieg-Heiling Babies"

>News broke out (well, trickled) about the Nazi cakes shortly after I had read the New Yorker review of Ruth Brandon’s book “Ugly Beauty”, which includes discussion of the “entrepreneurial spirit” of Eugène Schueller, founder of L’Oréal, who collaborated with the French right-wing right up until the moment it looked that they might lose the war, then switched sides and helped out the Resistance, all for business. The review itself is an interesting read, as I imagine the book is as well.
But back to the Nazi cakes — some cake baker over near Vienna has catalogues of sample cakes for customers to peruse, including an “adult theme” catalogue with sexual motivs and, for the extreme right-leaning (or perhaps it was for the opening night party of “The Producers”?), cakes with swastikas or sieg-heiling babies*. This made the news after the Mauthausen Committee got wind of it, but charging the baker will be difficult, since the law only pertains to open public display of Nazi symbols and such. He doesn’t seem to be an actual neo-nazi, and it’s not against the law to be morally dense**.

Artikel, Der Standard (in German but there are photos)

* that sounds just weird enough to make me want to see it.
** “It’s a free country” used to be a common expression in the States. I haven’t heard it in a long time, though. Do people there still  say it?

UPDATE: it seems that the “baby” is actually a doll arm coming out of the “ground” giving the nazi salute. Which is sort of disappointing. 

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4 Responses to >Nazi Cakes: "Sieg-Heiling Babies"

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Well, there IS no law against abject stupidity- if so, lots of politicians ans CEOs would be in prison…

  2. Marcellina says:

    >Well, stupid and amoral are not the same thing. I figure he's lacking in conscience, and emotional intelligence, and is probably a product of his upbringing. A best-case scenario would be if someone convinced him that it's not such a good thing to do.That said, the Sieg-heiling baby on a cake sounds like something in a modern art museum!

  3. Paschberg says:

    >Somehow it´s typical. Maybe this fits in the same scheme as Qualtingers "Herr Karl".If it would be art – as suggested jocular – I remember the works of Zbiginiew Libera (he built a Lego-KZ) which were also exhibited in Innsbruck some years ago and caused some controversy.To return to the cakes. They would make a good gadget for Stermann&Grissemanns "Deutsche Kochschau"

  4. Marcellina says:

    >Stermann&Grissemanns "Deutsche Kochschau" Genau! I was very close to Maria im Walde but did not know it, and passed right by it. I should go back up there someday to see if for myself, I only know it from photos online.

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