>Earth Hour Tonight

>Earth Hour takes place this evening at 8:30, when we are encouraged to turn off  lights and other non-essential energy-sapping stuff, and just be unplugged for a little while. This is at least the third Earth Hour where I will be at work, under lots of spots and other high-voltage lights. Sorry about that.
But these photos in our local paper make clear how much electricity we use that we could very well do without. In these photos, Innsbruck looks like a little Las Vegas. Surely the city can cut back on that, no?

Photo Gallery here

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2 Responses to >Earth Hour Tonight

  1. Anonymous says:

    >But – those lights are beautiful! That's a gorgeous photo.-Carlisle

  2. Marcellina says:

    >I find the moonlit mountains make it beautiful, otherwise it could just as easily be, say, Breezewood PA. There are lots of facades and bridges that are lit up all night, the shopping center across from me is lit up all. night. long, including their Christmas lights in December.Street lights and areas that would be dangerous w/o lighting, I understand.

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