>In The Woods On The Equinox


 A lot of trees have been cut down in the last few weeks. The train now curves around a field of stumps instead of through the dark, mysterious forest. The Waldspielplatz (Forest Playground) is less forest and more open clearing. It’s sad to see trees get the ax (or, these days, the chainsaw),  but I have to assume that what the foresters are doing is necessary.

But the sun is creeping in, and wildflowers are coming up, as well as clover. The wood is full of songbirds — Blackbirds, Eurasian Nuthatches,  Chaffinches, Chickadees, Woodpeckers, and some kind of hawk or buzzard that one can hear high up overhead.

RIP Ricky. Not the first, and certainly not the last hidden pet grave I’ll find in the woods. These, the felled trees, and the glade of war memorials in a forest teeming with life. Spring is finally, really here.

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