>This World We Live In

>What Southern Beale said, among other things, in response to the business with Libya.

Three trillion dollars wasted in Iraq would have been more than enough money to put a solar panel on every roof in America, upgrade the electrical grid, and put an electric car and charger in every garage.

But now we are lobbing million-dollar missiles at the next Muslim Country With Oil.

And yeah, I know, electric cars, cool as they are, don’t run on power made from magic fairy dust and happy thoughts. But getting off our oil dependency has got to start now. There will indeed be nasty withdrawal symptoms but it has to be done.

At Hullabaloo, last week, because it’s worth repeating:

Do you remember those math story problems you had to do way back in your public school days? Good times. Anyway, here’s a fun one for you: Mankind’s energy use rate is 16 terawatts. Currently, an estimated 2 of those terawatts are derived from “green” sources. That means that the remaining 14 terawatts rely on traditional fossil fuels. Now, if the Sun alone (to name but one available form of “free” alternative energy) is bombarding the Earth with a potential tap of 86,000 terawatts a day, WTF IS WRONG WITH MANKIND? Oh – did you remember to carry the global warming deniers? Good! Now, you may put down your No. 2 pencils and pass your papers to the front of the class.

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