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I hauled a museum-loving friend up to Bergisel with me to take a look at the grand opening of the new Panorama Museum. We were met on the pathway by several friends walking back down — participants in the flashmob! As a critique against the cost of the museum’s construction (and supposed lack of need for one), word was put out via texting for people to show up for the opening ceremonies, and when the line of riflemen made their gun salute, to drop to the ground in an imitation of death-by-firing-squad. Fitting, I guess, since that’s how Hofer met his end. We were ten minutes too late to see it ourselves.

We were unable to stay long enough to actually get admission tickets, which were being doled out in specific blocks of time. Instead, we headed back down and on to the Ferdinandeum, where I introduced my young museum-loving friend to a quick tour of the pre-historic exhibits and the modern art.

 There was not much to see from the outside but we could peek in a little. The round concrete wall to the left would be the outside wall of the space housing the panorama —a depiction of the Battle of Bergisel, on this same spot, in 1809.
Anyone griping about the demise of Tirolean Volkskultur need only take a look at these boys, proudly in their traditional Lederhosen. As long as they wear it and smile, it’s in no danger (for better or for worse.)
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